Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Greetings from the Circuit Rider

Welcome friends!

 Hello, my name is Andy Brink and I'd like to welcome you to the Circuit Rider Ministries Blog.  

           My purpose in creating this blog is to express to you the love of Jesus Christ.

    You were made and created for this sole purpose, to know and receive God's love. That's your purpose in life! God's desire and the reason He created you is because He wants someone to express His heart to. 

             Matter of fact there's a passage in the scriptures that says He is to be called, "Emmanuel" meaning, "God with us". 
​Many of us believe in God but see Him as being distant, out there someplace. When Jesus came into this world it was His way of saying, "I'm not distant, I'm here with you." He is with you in this journey called life and is involved in your suffering and circumstances.

    My desire and hope is that you will begin to discern the fact that you've been lied to by the voices that say, "you're not loved." God has been intimately and actively involved in your life, revealing the truth that He loves you and created you for His own special purpose. Thank you for visiting!  

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